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We are a Marketing and Promotion agency that gives comercial support to brands as they reach the final consummer. We have turn in to strategic partners of our clients helping them reach their sales and Marketing goals starting with the idea, concept and planification of their comunication strategies and retail.

In our portfolio we have more than 60 brands and total coverage in 18 provinces.

Quality and innovation

We strive to achieve the most appropriate solutions for each.


We are committed to providing our customers to offer a faster service and quality.


We provide dedication and closeness to our customers needs.

  • Services

    We count with 11 years of wide experience, which leaders do to us in our item, offering the best service of marketing to different brands.

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    We offer services that are build to create and add strategies to help pushing sales, image and Brand of our costumers, throug the mangement of the Sales Force and promotional plans at the sale point.


    Using a complete Data of preselected professionals to reach the clients needs. We develope our filter using integral sistems of evaluation, that helps having a better calification and segmentation of the applicants.


    Using different actitivities to supply the needs of the Sales Force and direct them to an extensión of knwoledge and skills to help them develop their tasks with more effectiveness.

    Sales planification

    Together with our clients we determined the sales objectives for each comercial period and the execution on the different sale channels. The objectives are the reflect of the potential sales of the Brand versus the final costumer.


    An integrated information system of the POS on line; through this tool we can have inmeditaly reports:

    - Sales report and Inventary
    - Mapping of Prices and Competition
    - Share reach by POS
    - Control of Supervision
    - Promotions and Incentives
    - Product support trainning

    Online career

    We anticípate the naural movements of an organization thinking on the future needs of the business regarding the talent and also mantaine the competitiveness. It´s like that employees will have a better view of the direction and the potential of their growing.

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    The comunication in a sale point es very important so the final consumer can take a decision and it also helps rotate inventory. The existense of so many brands of the same type makes us create different ideas so we can differentiate from others at the sales point.


    I show we can transmit in an active way the benefits of the product through the expierience of tasting and preparing it to the consumer. As a result we will increase the numbre of consumers and potencial clients.


    We manage to higlight our Brand in the store by reinforcing the direct comunication of benefits of the product and the diversal uses. This activity is linked directly to increase sales and motivate the rotation of inventory in specific points.

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    We develop techniques and activities that will create several types of messages between the Brand and tha consummer making reference to the no mass practiques of comunication directed to sepecific market segments.

    Corporative Events


    Outdoor Activations

    Indoor Activations

    Full Days


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    Reaching the consumer in a cretaive way will make your Brand stand above the others. That is why we have well prepared and creative team that will develop several kinds of graphic pieces and campain strategies to make a better comunication with the consumer.


    We have a very creative team able to give a good direction and concept to any kind of project. The power of our strategies is fundamental to reach success as with our clients.

    3D Desing

    We desing your ideas in a digital format before we make it real, thats how we can recreate the final aspect of products, stands, drawings, etc. Make in it more efficent than a 2D design.

    Graphic Desing

    We garantee a totally different and outstanding desing whose creativity bring us succesfull results. We have all the tools to manage all aspects of graphic and advertising desing offering complete solutions that will leave any client satisfied with our services.

Trust us

We work with the best brands in the national and international performing well by our extensive experience .

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Find us around the Peru , we have our people spread over 18 departments doing work together.

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